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Welcome to Total Data Solutions


Bringing you the best data and data quality services in the industry. 


At Total Data Solutions, just providing the best isn’t good enough.  We know it takes much more than that to run a successful multinational direct marketing company.  Everyone seems to be talking about customer service and quite frankly, customer service is not so much of a real science as it is a discipline.  We believe that having two ears and only one mouth, means we listen twice as hard. 


So you have a company that provides great products and services and they have good customer service too.  Still not enough…Making it convenient to work with us goes hand and hand with having great products and great customer service.  We view answering the phone by truly picking up the receiver when it rings.  We believe in asking lots of questions and adopting your situation as it should be.  Going outside of the box and offering many attractive solutions.


The final piece to our workshop is to provide you with the best price.  Acquiring new customers or more knowledge about your customers and data hygiene doesn’t have to be expensive.  Put us to the test, we will meet YOUR expectations.

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